July 2019

Viceversa 8

Edited by

Giacomo Pala

Theorem: Discourse(s)

We have decided it would be worthwhile to start this new cycle of Viceversa with a critical anthology. In the past, such anthologies of selected writings with commentary had a dual function: that of gathering the texts considered most outstanding or in any case most significant, and that of offering comments, an exegesis capable of substantiating and thus widening the reasoning of the texts in question. We have agreed that this format can work very well today, in a moment when the burgeoning quantity of news and viewpoints makes getting one’s bearings in current thought increasingly complex and bewildering. So we asked Giacomo Pala to begin a true investigation, to find the people best suited to provide this exegesis. Each of them has been asked to choose a text from recent years and to comment on that choice, to definitively undertake a meta-critique, a critique of criticism.