Viceversa n.9 = Viceversa bits n.1

The first article of the first issue of Viceversa bits is finally online!

Missed something? In 2020, Viceversa has split in two parallel projects: Viceversa ink, a series of books dedicated to iconographic themes, and Viceversa bits, an experimental webzine exploring the topic of the (architectural) masterpiece. This means that the first issue of Viceversa bits, is also the ninth issue of Viceversa.

Viceversa bits will be published every six months, between June 2020 and June 2023, for a total of six issues. All the issues will explore the topic of the (architectural) masterpiece by means of agile contributions such as short texts, visual essays, podcasts and videos.

Viceversa bits will exist on two main platforms: the Telegram channel Malapartecafé Newsstand and this very website. The Telegram channel will function as a feed of updated contents. The website will function as an archive. Other social media will follow.

Every issue of Viceversa bits will be published… bit by bit.

Viceversa bits is an experiment with the form of the architecture webzine, and as such, it will change and evolve in time.

Viceversa bits is a project by Davide Tommaso Ferrando with Malapartecafé, Martina Motta, Giacomo Pala and Bettina Siegele.